Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trivia about the Project

When I started the project, in the first few photos I took, I put the camera in movie recording mode to make various poses, and then just captured the frames that interested me. The problem is that it always had one (or two, three, four) cats messing the recording while I was filming! I have 4 cats: Vinil, Miucho, Rabisco and Luvinha. The cat that appears more in the video is Rabisco, which at the time had undergone an eye surgery and was using the cone of shame (he's cured now).

P.S - Some of these looks have been replaced by better version. I even redid all the photos at the end of the project. But it's worth it since it's so funny. hehe

Here's some trivia about the clothes!

The first outfit I bought was the bus scene dress (in July 2013)
The last I bought was the bag of day 488.
The most expensive clothing was the dress from day 403.
The cheapest clothing was from the day 109.
The coolest clothing is from the bike scene.
The warmest clothing is from the day 290.
The hardest to find was the from day 31.
The easiest to find was from day 259.

And to those who ware curious, here's my wardrobe with all the project clothes! Looking at it this way it doesn't seem much, right?

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  1. I loved your project! I'm also a fan of 500 Days of Summer, it's my favourite movie and it means a lot to me, I have all the soundtrack my phone, even the scor. I loved all of your looks and drawings, and my favourite is the dress from the wedding, it looks just like hers and it's beautiful! I think you should make vídeos for youtube, like a videoblog, I would watch that! Congratulations for your project and kisses from Argentina! Pd: do you speak spanish? Haha

    1. Thank youuu. <3 :-*
      (I speak portuguese) :-(


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